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House rules for seva and attending kirtans

Sevadals can be recognized by their red scarfs or pins. They are entitled to intervene correctively when they find it necessary to do so. During the kirtan they are present in the kitchen, the hall and elsewhere when needed, they help passing out prasad, food and drinks as well as with other activities like cleaning up.

Sevadals see to it that the house rules are observed during kirtan gatherings.
As not everyone is familiar with the house rules, some of the most important ones are mentioned here.

1. Wearing light-colored, preferably white and covering clothing is appreciated.
2. Please take off your shoes before entering the kirtan area.
3. Be quiet during the kirtan: observe silence and be respectful while announcements, lectures and performances are held.
4. Don’t walk on the red carpet, which is for Shri Satyam to walk on only.
5. Taking pictures and making video’s is not allowed, only a few designated persons are allowed to do so.
6. Treat prasad respectfully, don’t leave it behind in the kirtan hall.
7. Don’t block walking paths.
8. Turn off your mobile phone and don’t allow your children to play with it.
9. Remain seated during the kirtan, go to the toilet before the kirtan starts and tell your children to do the same.
10. Don’t call Shri Satyam and don’t touch Him, He will come to you when He decides to do so.
11. Remain silent during the 5 minuites of meditation and inner reflection: respect others doing so.
12. Park your car properly, don’t block escape ways.
13. The ShriSSWF is not responsible for damage to or loss of properties.
14. It is not allowed to promote other organisations or activities.


House rules for seva and kirtan