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Many joung people don’t know what spirituality is about. They tend to be caught up in worldly matters. Some young people however do have a need for spirituality. So what do they do to fulfil this need? Some of them take interest in their religion. They may attend satsangs and read book, but often that turns out not to be enough. What is practiced in Prashanti Nilayam is an example that we can follow.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba once said to His students: ‘You are the future.’

We young people are the future. When we don’t know enough about our faith, then how can we continue it? It is essential to take in knowledge now for later use. Shri Satyam Sai World Foundation also has a youth group. It has been formed to support spiritual needs for young people of ages 16 to 35. The purpose of the youth group is to let young people learn about faith by forming study groups and by involving them more in spiritual activities.
An activity popular by young people is the youth debate. Various propositions deling with spirituality are discussed here. The perticipants can share their opinion and for example tell about their personal way to practice spirituality in daily life. Everyone is treated respectfully in these discussions, every opinion counts. Of course the youth group also organizes sports and leisure activities, to create a good athmosphere amoung everyone. The discipline present amoung young people in Prashanti Nilayam can be created here during the monthly kirtan as well. We young people need to support each other doing so. When we motivate each other then everyone will experience more joy. Doing something together that is good for yourself is also good for the other people around you.