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Monthly kirtan


Every month we organize a kirtan (singing hymns to praise God). During the kirtan all people present are invited to sing along as a choir, to create the right atmosphere to enjoy a spiritual experience. Each kirtan is short and easy to sing for everyone. Every Sunday before the monthly kirtan, there is a kirtan practice.

For the bhajans that are sung the book ’Bhajan Mala’ is used as guidance, internationally as well. This book is available during the kirtan at the selling table. Sevadals are present to make sure the kirtan program works out smoothly. Sevadals can be recognized by red scarfs or pins. During kirtan they are active in places like the hall and the kitchen so they can pass out Prasad, food, drinks, clean up and perform other tasks. Sevadals are authorized to take corrective action when necessary, they also see to it that everyone observes the house rules of conduct. Many people present travel for hours both ways to attend to the service. Tasty food (sacrificed) is passed out as a form of seva, it is equally important as consuming prasadam. You can put a voluntary donation in the donation box during the kirtan or become a donor for ShriSSWF.

Kirtan program

18:30 Walk in
From 18:45 to 18:50 Announcements / Welcoming
From 19:00 to 19:10 Ganesh Mantra, Sri Hanuman Chalisa
From 19:10 to 19:15 21 x AUM Kaar
From 19:15 to 19:30 108 names of Sri Sathya Sai Baba
From 19:30 to 20:45 Kirtan (singing songs praising God)
From 20:45 to 20:50 5 minutes of silence and reflection, followed by the food mantra
From 20:50 to 21:30 Dinnertime during pauze
From 21:30 to 23:45 Performance by a Bhajan group (optional)
00:00 End of kirtan program and conclusion hall




Monthly kirtan

Sherpa - Zaal ’t Gein
Zandheuvelweg 4
3744 MN Baarn
The Netherlands
(follow the signs: - ’t Gein - in the area)